Testimonials on Estate Management of Florida and their services.

"For the past 2 years Roger Rojas has worked as our estate manager for our two homes in Delray Beach. As we live in Canada, it is a great assurance to know that our properties are in such caring hands. Roger is very focused on detail, kind, courteous, helpful and trustworthy. Roger is also dependable and capable of handling all aspects of property maintenance and care. I would not hesitate to recommend Estate Management of Florida for property management services."
-- Mrs. Jean Irving

"Mr. Rojas has been invaluable to our family in his dedication and detailed management of our Delray estate homes. Because our family travels extensively, we rely upon Mr. Rojas to maintain every aspect of our home, cars and recently, our pets. He has always performed with a professional demeanor and has been reliable in his communications, updating us on a frequent basis, both during and outside of the hurricane season. He is attentive to all issues and has proved to be both very trust worthy and honest.
I have found Mr. Rojas to be completely reliable and dedicated to all of his endeavors. In fact, during the hurricanes of 2005, he not only called me and updated me on the damage of my home but sent me digital images to help guide me through the property damage. All this, when his own family were without power. During these times, it is difficult to find anyone that is as dedicated to your own home as they would be theirs. I am more than happy to recommend Estate Management of Florida to anyone looking for the BEST luxury property management company!"
-- Mrs. Odette Worrell

"For over five years, Roger Rojas managed and maintained various rental properties in Delray Beach for our company. Mr. Rojas was positive in his communications for all of those leasing the properties and was quick to expedite maintenance issues or repairs in a timely and cost-effective manner. I would recommend Roger Rojas and Estate Management of Florida to anyone considering luxury property management."
-- Kim Goodyear, President, Dharma Group

Over the past five years, Roger and Candace at Estate Management of Florida have been a tremendous help to our family owned commercial real estate property located in Delray Beach. Since we have a dual residency in New York and Florida, it is difficult to keep up with all of the maintenance, daily issues and hurricane preparation. Roger continues to be a most valued property manager. I know that without a doubt that Roger and Candace will be there when called upon, not to mention how often they exceed our expectations by troubleshooting every issue before it occurs. He expedites construction, maintenance and leasing issues that have proven to directly impact our bottom line. In addition, he does routine checks on our residence. During the hurricanes in 2004, he secured the property to minimize damage and flooding issues. We are forever grateful for his service. His loyalty, sense of urgency, dedication and commitment are beyond compare. We couldn't manage without him. We highly recommend Roger and Candace for your property management needs.
-- Most sincerely, Valentino Family, Delray Beach, FL

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