Hurricane Preparation

We, at Estate Management of Florida, are your point of contact when a hurricane warning becomes a threat to Palm Beach County. Our expertise and availability allows us to be "only a phone call away" when emergency situations arise. More specifically, our Hurricane Preparedness Services include seasonal preparation, pre-storm evaluation, security, damage assessment and repair. Our goal at Estate Management of Florida is to provide protection, preservation and peace of mind to our clients during storms and emergencies.

After surviving several South Florida hurricanes personally, we at Estate Management of Florida are well aware of the stress that the hurricane season can bring. We want you to feel a sense of confidence that your home is prepared before a hurricane threat should arise.

Our Hurricane Preparation Services include:

Estate Management of Florida employees understand the importance of rapid communication during the storm (when possible). In addition, we provide damage assessment and **clean-up after the storm while informing the homeowner with step by step details. **Clean-up and damage repair is available at additional cost.

Our goal at Estate Management of Florida is to fully prepare a home before hurricane season begins, so that the homeowner has peace of mind throughout the hurricane season. This may not always possible for various reasons. For example, when a home is occupied or, when the local association prevents shutters to be put up without a storm warning, it may be difficult to do advanced preparation. We will work together with you to put a plan in place as soon as possible and in short notice.

Whether Estate Management of Florida is involved in your Hurricane Preparation before a storm threat or whether you contact us immediately after a warning has been issued, we will use timeliness, diligence and care in protecting your valuable property.

Hurricane Preparation